Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Garden Update

Good-evening everyone! I hope you are all well and keeping cool in this sweltering heat!          I just wanted to share some photos of my deck garden.
First, just look at these beautiful flowers!
And these, trailing threw the railing.
Here are some bell peppers, such pretty colors.
Isn't this one pretty!
And look at these beauties!
How about some tomatoes!
Lots and lots of tomatoes! 
Just look at them all!
I love fresh, ripe red tomatoes (yellow too) but I am going to have to make some fried green tomatoes, I love them!
And I just had to share a few photos of Clementine. She loves to lay on the lounge chair!
Doesn't she have a pretty coat!
And just look at that face! Clemmy is a real sweetie and she LOVES her TREATS!!!

I hope you enjoyed my garden update.  The cucumbers are still growing but getting a little thin. We have been picking lots of them. I use the herbs almost every day, I will have to dry some. We picked our blackberries and strawberries. The cantaloupe plants are loaded with blossoms. Oh yes, I found two tomato plants growing in my flowers so I re-potted them. We will have tomatoes into Fall.      Have a great evening and thank you for stopping by!

Hugs Pam


  1. What lovely flowers and vegetables! You must have a green thumb!

  2. Wow, your flowers and veggies look so amazing!! The flowers are so gorgeous!! And the vegetables look so delicious!! I love tomatoes and peppers!! And oh my gosh, Clementine is beautiful!! What a sweetie!! Such an adorable face!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Those petunias are so lush and such pretty color. I didn't know what the pretty yellow ones were, but they look lovely too. And your veggies look yummy, especially those beautiful peppers. Looks like you'll have a bountiful crop of tomatoes too. We've had fried green tomatoes at restaurants, but I've never tried to make that. I did use some homegrown tomatoes (from a neighbor) in a stir fry dish the other night, and they were tasty. Added just enough 'juice' to the dish. TFS & stay cool.

  4. I wish our garden was doing as well as yours. We have more cucumbers and tomatoes than last year but the peppers aren't doing as well. That darn beetle got into my zucchini so I only got one this year. Usually the deer eat it all but we fenced it all in. I am hoping the peppers pick up especially the hot ones. Tom loves to make hot sauce. I am definitely envious of all the beautiful produce and flowers you have. Stay cool!

  5. One beautiful garden you have there, your plants as well. I know you have been eating well this summer. YUM YUM! Clementine is absolutly beautiful laying there doing her sun bathing,


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