Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Beginning of my Deck Garden

Good afternoon everyone! It has been a while since I posted anything, I have been doing some sewing and just trying to adjust to losing my Dad.                We finally got out deck garden started a few weeks ago and I wanted to share some photos of it.  I will post more as it grows.
 Here are my tomatoes some flowers and my spearmint.
 More of my tomatoes and flowers. The blue and white buckets are multi-color bell peppers.
 Blossoms on my tomato plants!
 The two big pots are rhubarb. I have three containers of romaine lettuce.

This is my cucumber plants, they really shot up in the past few days. We always have lots of cucumbers! 
 Isn't the romaine lettuce pretty!
The big pot on the left are my strawberry plants, I have netting over them and fastened with clothespins. I also have dill, rosemary, chives, sweet basil, thyme, oregano. My beautiful fuchsia plant is from Lowe's markdown plants and was 1.00!!!
 I love having fresh herbs!
 This is my prize Babycakes Blackberry plant all enclosed in bird netting. The birds and squirrels aren't going to get my berries!!!
 I just love my blackberry plant!
 See, I have berries!
 More blossoms and berries!

 I just love these colors and at the top of the photo is my spearmint.
 Look how pretty! Oh there is a little visitor, actually my granddaughter Alexis gave him to me a few years ago.
 Another one of my bargain plants from Lowe's. Isn't it beautiful!!! Actually I purchased all of my flowers in the bargain section at Lowe's. From 1.00 to .50, .25 and .01 for my pentas (once the start blooming I will take photos of them Wow one penny for pentas)!
 I love how the co-ordinate.
 Aren't these beautiful, they look fluffy and .50!
 They all look so pretty!
 Don't you just love the color! My cucumbers in the background.
 My 1.00 fuchsia, I just love it! It was pretty wilted when I purchased it.
 Just look at those blossoms!!!

 I love petunias and the verbena too!
 My gorgeous geranium! I have another that hasn't bloomed yet but will soon, it is a bright pink.
My beautiful little fluffy blossoms!   I hope you enjoyed seeing the beginning of my garden! Oh yes, I have cantaloupe plants growing below the deck in a kiddy pool all chicken wired up, those little critters aren't getting my cantaloupe!          Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!
Hugs Pam

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tea Bag Art

Hello everyone. I hope you are well.  I want to thank those of you who left such heartfelt comments about my Dad. It really meant so much to me during this very difficult time.
      I finally felt a little like crafting. I have spent a lot of time looking at Pinterest and saw some very interesting crafts. One was tea bag art. Since I love tea and am an avid tea drinker I had plenty of tea bags to use.
 I really love how turned out! I mounted my tea bag art piece on some handmade paper that has botanical pieces embedded in it ( no, I did not make the paper, it is some I have had for a while). Sorry about the tiny light flash on the flower, it is hard to take a photo when there is glass.
Here is an up close photo of my art piece. I wanted the jagged edges and ink distressed around them. I used a daisy stamp that I have and used water colors to paint it. I used fine tip ink markers in black and white for the dots and I hand stitched the french knots in the center of the daisy and stitched around the insides edge of the tea bag. I am very happy with how it turned out and plan to do more.
Hugs Pam

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Dear Sweet Daddy has Gone to Heaven. My Heart is Broken

My heart is broken and the pain is unbearable.. My dear sweet Daddy passed away Feb. 3rd. I have been in Florida for the past two weeks. His service was beautiful and I was told one of the most beautiful they had ever seen. Everyone who knew him loved him. He was the most kind, gentle man I ever knew. All of the family are devastated. He passed away exactly one week to the day after his baby sister passed away.   My best childhood friend that I have not seen in 40 years came down to be there for me and she loved dad dearly. She said he was the finest man she had ever known. He truly was. I loved him so much and will miss him and his calls. He will be in my heart for as long as I live.
Hugs Pam
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