Monday, August 26, 2019

I'm Going to be a Great Grandma!!! Baby Quilt

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great day! It is finally sunny here.     I have been away for a while. As you see from my title that I am going to be a great grandma and you know what that means..... I will be married to a great grandpa! LOL!  Our granddaughter Alexis is expecting a little boy so we went to Florida for the baby shower. My husband went to the shower, stayed the night then came home because he had to work. I rode with Amy and Ruby back to their house and stayed for a week to watch Ruby while Amy got her band room ready for the new school year. I took Ruby to her dance class and to a Disney Princess Tea Party (so cute, all the little girls running around in their princess costumes). We went swimming a lot and ate out a few times. We did some shopping and went to the Vera Bradley Outlet where Ruby talked me into a flamingo print purse AND accessories (it is really cute and is a very popular print)! She didn't have to talk too hard, the big sale was 60% off and then an additional 20 % off! We played with her Disney Princess dolls and made brownies and I even made her Halloween costume and treat bag while I was there.  After my time there I went back to my stay with my granddaughter Alexis and her fiance' Christian's to help organize and help with the baby room. Alexis works for the Sheriff's Department as a 911 dispatcher and I got to go to work with her! I even had my own headset! Lucky the mike was disabled because it was hard to keep my big mouth shut! I don't know how they do it!  It did have the torrential rains, thunder and terrible lighting (the lightning was really, really bad) Florida has during the Summer. Oh well Florida IS the lightning capital of the WORLD!!!!! Some did a lot of damage to Christian's grandparents house (even with surge protectors)!!!
   Well, on with the other gift I made.
Here is the quilt. I had to lay it out on our bed to get photos. There theme is dinosaurs. 
I found this adorable dinosaur fabric at the Fancy Gap Fabric Outlet in Virginia.
I did the back of the quilt in this fun circle print from Hobby Lobby.
I wanted to show some of the other cute prints. Look at the cute dinosaur eggs with baby dinosaurs also from Fancy Gap.
   The quilt is sooooo soft and a good size for as the baby grows to toddler.
I had a wonderful time! Now maybe I can get back to some more paper crafting and sewing.
Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

Hugs Pam

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Hello everyone, I hope you are having a nice day!  I'm having another busy one! I am getting ready to go to Florida to attend my 24 year old granddaughter Alexis's baby shower! Yep, I'm gonna be  a great grandma and married to a great grandpa!!!! We are so excited! After the shower I am riding back with my youngest daughter Amy and my youngest granddaughter Ruby 4 (Alexis's aunt and cousin) to their house in Port St. Lucie to babysit Ruby for a week so Mom can get her school band room ready for her students and the new school year. Then I'm going back to Jacksonville to stay with Alexis and Christian to help out and organize things.    I have been sooooo busy this past couple of months. Sewing for Ruby (dresses and outfit and then her mermaid doll, that I posted earlier, for her birthday) and working on a baby quilt and a baby album! Also Amy, Daryl and Ruby were here for the week of the 4th of July and we had sooo much fun and on the go all the time! I may get to rest a little tomorrow and Thursday.
        Today I want to share the baby album the I made.
This is the front cover. Most of the dies that I used were from Aliexpress and the stamps as well.
I love this cute little bear! I used Glossy Accents on the eyes, nose and pacifier. I think the Baby sentiment die is so beautiful!
This is the inside cover and first page.
So cute. 
The baby's first and middle name's are Gideon Andrew. Christian's Father passed away this past February. He wanted to be a grandpa so much. He never knew they were going to have a baby (she wasn't expecting then). His middle name was Andrew so that is going to be the baby's middle name.
This is the page opened out to reveal two mats and a embossed pocket with three tags for photos.
Here are the second and third pages.
The second page has places for photos and notes.
 This is the third page.
And here it is opened up with pockets and pull out mats.
This is the fourth and fifth pages.
This is the forth page. Love the cute baby die, I embossed the feet of the onesie! Mats for photos and a place for notes.
Here is the fifth page with a large framed mat and die cut stars.
And here is the page opened out. Two mats for photos and a pocket with three photo tags.
 Here are the sixth and seventh pages.
The sixth page has two photo mats.
The seventh page has a waterfall for many photos and a magnetic closure.
Here are the eighth and ninth pages.
This is the eighth page. I love how it turned out! There is a pocket with tags for photos and notes.
Here is the ninth page.
And here it is opened up with two small mats and a pocket with a large mat.
Here are the tenth and eleventh pages.
This the the tenth page. I love these two pages and this adorable stamp set! I used pale yellow glitter cardstock to frame the mats and die cut the stars. I made a little envelope for a snip of baby hair.
This the eleventh page with more mats for photos. I used the sweet baby die again.
Here is the twelfth page and inside back cover.
This is the twelfth page. I love the papers!
And here is the page opened out. It has a corner pocket with embossed baby feet and die cut rick rack and three tags for photos. The inside page as two mats and sentiments. I love the pitter patter!
This is the inside back cover. I made another waterfall for lots of photos.
I love the peek a boo and the sweet duck paper!
Here is the back cover complete with sent from Heaven and handmade with love.
   I hope you enjoyed seeing the baby album that I made. I had so much fun making it! Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

Hugs Pam

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Polar Bear Christmas Tag

Hello everyone, I hope you you are having a good start to your day! I hope to finish the baby album today, and then the daunting task of taking photos of it!               I'm here with another Christmas tag.
Isn't he cute! I just love this bear!   I embossed the tag, die cut the stitched oval and then die cut the bear and accessories. I inked around the bear and added him to the tag and then added a piece of twine. I love how it turned out and I love his little tree and shiny silver fish as well!  The bear would look great in brown or black too!
    Have a great day and thank you for stopping by

Choux Choux Paper Arts
Hugs Pam
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