Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Microwave Bowl Cozies, Trivets and Coasters

Hello everyone, Happy New Year!  I think I am over my bronchitis, thank the Lord! I actually road my incumbent bike while I was watching TV this morning. Got to get back on track!               I wanted to post some Christmas gifts that I made.
This is a set of microwave bowl cozies, trivets and coasters. 
 I think the fabric is so cute! It is 100% cotton and I quilted them for a nice sturdy texture.
I made two sets of this pattern, they include two microwave bowl cozies, two different size trivets and two coasters. One set is for my grand-daughter and one set is for  my friend Nana.
They are very useful and no more hot bowls to hold!          I have another set to post that I made for my daughter and her husband and will post that later.
      I hope you enjoyed seeing my sewing project. 
Hugs Pam


  1. I'm so hppy that you are much better. I know you sound better on the phone. Sam and I love our set. The fabric is stuning. The trivets are goingt to be perfect for protecting my couunter tops and the coasters on our night stands will offer great protection there as well. The bowl cozies are awesome. Now we cn hold a hot bowl and not burn our hands. Thank you so much this is a gift that we will use for years to come. I will think of you ech and every time we do.

    Hugs and Love

  2. Pam, Happy New Year, and I'm sorry to hear you've had bronchitis. I know how bad that can sideline you. Your microwave cozies are darling, and aside from being cute, love that it's a useful gift as well. How brilliant of you to be a talented sewer as well as a cardmaker! TFS & Hugs. Hope you are staying warm. Here in SC we're having some cold nights (days aren't too warm either!)

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Illness has been terrible this time of year every where. Your cozies and trivets are awesome gifts.


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