Thursday, September 7, 2017

Magazine Cover

Hello all, I hope you are well!    I am very concerned about the hurricane that is about to hit Florida and have been glued to the weather channel!  We have been through many but this is a very, very powerful storm! Please if you are a person that prays,  pray for everyone! It is so scary!

      On a much lighter note, Our daughter Amy, her husband Daryl and their daughter Ruby were on the cover of this months issue of their local magazine with an article about them! I just love the photo and I am so proud of them!
Just look at that smile on my little Ruby's face!          Thank you for stopping by and have a great day! 
Hugs Pam


  1. I am praying for everyone in Irma's path. It's scary to watch the news. After what happened to Texas, it's unbelievable that we are facing this again so soon.

    Congrats to your daughter and her family!! What a beautiful photo!! Ruby looks so adorable (and big!!)!! Her smile is priceless!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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  2. I am praying for all those who have or will be in the path of the hurricanes. I will especially pray for your daughter and her family in Florida. Have they been evacuated? The photo of them is adorable! Smiles all around. What a great memory. Take care. I think the latest model has Irma coming our way inland. We should be home by then. Leaving Cape Cod tomorrow to go back to Boston for the weekend with our boys. We'll start home on Monday and be home on Wednesday. Take care. Big hugs!

  3. Your family made a beautiful magazine cover. I sure hope you made it well though the hurricane.

  4. What a beautiful cover. They sure look like a happy family. Ruby is growing up so fast. I know you are a very proud mom.

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