Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Please Pray for My Family

PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FAMILY!!! I am sooooo worried about my family! This looks like it's going to be a bad hurricane! The barrier islands of Brevard County has a mandatory evacuation. Five of my family members live in Brevard County including my 93 year old Dad and my oldest grandson. My youngest daughter, her husband and their baby live in St. Lucie County in-between Brevard and Palm Beach Counties. My oldest granddaughter lives near Jacksonville. My son-n-laws parents live in North Palm Beach. The winds are supposed to be 110 miles per hour. Heavy, heavy rain and flooding, tornadoes, snakes, yes snakes all the water brings them out! Water is sold out as is most staples. They will be without power for a while. The last hurricane we went through there our power was out for a week in near 100 degree weather. My daughter Amy said during that same hurricane she was without power for 2 months. I really don't think people realize how bad it gets! They predict a category 4 hurricane.  Please, please pray for them!!!

Hugs Pam


  1. How frightening for you, I'm sure you are worried sick. I hope they are all safe x

  2. You know I will be praying for them all. Maybe it will loose force before it hits the US.
    Have a creative day.
    Hugs Nana
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  3. So sorry you have family in the path of the Hurricane. Prayed for them and the others in Florida as well. Hugs to you -

  4. Pam I have said many prayers for all of the people in FL being hit by this hurricane and you are not alone honey. My uncle and his wife and kids live in Palatka which is just outside of Jacksonville.... he too has already lost power this morning and I'm worried sick about them all. I have said many prayers and I pray your family stays safe!


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